to ultra and high-net worth individuals

From selection in exhibitions or galleries to artwork delivery, we are committed to exceeding expectations while providing

every service with a personal attention. 


Art Collection Services for  BUYERS


Luxury Lifestyle Agency proposes ultra and high-net worth art collectors bespoke services in selective galleries, exhibitions or auctions worldwide.

On specific events and demands, we research, select, verify and reserve artworks of interest to enrich an existing collection or contribute to a collection creation and we occasionally act as third party representatives.


Regardless of our selections and publications or art events we attend, you shall also consult us for specific artworks you already have in mind.  

Online reservation and sur-mesure proposals
are available to registered members.


Sometimes You Just Need a Good Reason

Unavailable to attend an event

Willing to verify the artwork (dimensions, colors...)

Wishing to preserve your identity

Art collection services are often a convenient solution

for our members when experiencing some of the following situations:


Personal Engagements

Family Engagements or Emergencies

Illness, Accident

Visa Formalities


Environmental Causes

Climate severe Deregulation causing Transport Cancellation

  • - sand or snow storm, volcanic eruption, flood, fire, tornado, tsunami -

  • Jet Lag between locations UTC++ I CE(S)T I PST I EST …

Technological issues

Communication Service Disruption

 - internet, mobile or land line -

and occasionnally also for


Professional Reasons

Steering Committees, Board Meetings

  • Over re-schedulded appointments 

Explore Your Upscale Benefits 

Explore Your Upscale Benefits 



Visio-Attend the selected Event from Your Location

Select your Prefered Moment for watching

Stay Safe from Crowd Events 


Check your Information on Selected Items with us 

Live Examination of your Selected Items 
Ask Live Questions on Your Artworks

Time Saving

On your Transportation to Distant Events
On Time Spend in Event Attendance


We represent YOUR interests 

No indelicate sollicitation afterwards

Maintain your Privacy and Confidentiality

Contact us to register for membership

 & access our Bespoke Services



Luxury Lifestyle Agency is affiliating with a leading platform specialised in connecting sellers of high value assets and collections from $1m to $250m with private interested buyers or auction houses.

Registered members with upscale privileges access

our online high value assets auction platform.