for Properties over €1 Million

Luxury Lifestyle Agency proposes ultra and high-net worth real estate buyers, owners and sellers dedicated services including preliminary researches, home staging assistance, support in structuring acquisition and managing properties.



Specific Researches


According to your specifications, we research targeted markets for availabilities, explore products descriptions and pre-select desirable residences matching your criteria.

Preliminary Visits Representation

We conduct preliminary contacts and visits of properties you selected to confirm accuracy of product descriptions, photos or videos on your behalf.

Property Visits Support

We schedule visits of short-listed properties for you or your estate representative and provide on site assistance while visiting.

Transaction Representation

To support you with the transaction, Luxury Lifestyle Agency proposes representation services to selective members already advised on tax and legal considerations related to ownership.

In any other situation, we will address you to partner companies specialized on sourcing tax, structure and finance arrangements advice.

Explore Your Upscale Benefits 

Time Saving On

Searching and Filling in Appropriate Ressources

Screening and Pre-Selecting Properties

Contacts and Information Verification

Transportation and Visa Formalities

Insure Selection Accuracy

On Site Verification of Advertised Specifications

Collect Relevant Information
Examine and Question Pre-Selected Residences

Privilege your Confort

Visio-Attend Properties from Your Location and Time

No Indelicate Sollicitation Afterwards

Stressfulness Reductance 

Privilege other Occupation

Reduce Transportation and Jetlag

Additional Benefits

As Buyers Representatives, we maintain your Privacy and Confidentiality while representing YOUR interests.


Discover our Residence Sellers Services


Marketing Services

Through consulting services, we advertise your residence and present high-end estates to potential direct buyers and selective agencies.

Property Staging

Staging suggests potential buyers the necessary insight and imagination to project their lifestyle in a new environment. Depending on your needs, we interact with relevant third part companies or propose our own expertise on properties, apartments and yachts.

Visits Representation

On site qualified representative agent offers our clientele the ability to devote their presence and time to other preferred occupations.

Explore Your Upscale Benefits 

Time Saving On

Searching, Providing and Filling in Appropriate Ressources

Screening, Pre-Selecting and Managing relevant Agencies

On site Presence for potential Visitors

Privilege your Confort

Focus on your core Lifestyle Occupation

No Indelicate Sollicitation Afterwards

Prevent undesired Encounters 

Additional Benefits

As Sellers Representatives, we Maintain your Privacy and Confidentiality while representing YOUR interests.