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  • Who is Luxury Lifestyle Agency?
    Luxury Lifestyle Agency is a boutique entity specialized in high-end services to private individuals and small and medium business structures gravitating in an (ultra)high-net worth environment. For additional information on the corporate elements, visit the appropriate section of the website
  • Why do we have to register to access services?
    Luxury Lifestyle Agency services concern simoutaneously individuals and businesses that require and imply distinctive back-office processes. A registration process is also proposed for member's convenience to receive appropriate offfers of services and simplify further office management.
  • What to expect after services reservation?
    Provision of services will begin upon reservation confirmation and reception of detailed instructions and payment. For details, we invite you to consult general and specific terms and conditions of services.
  • Where are you located?
    We do not wish to publicly disclose this information, nevertheless, we mostly operate in Europe and North America.
  • Is online reservation secured? Do you propose other solutions?
    Yes & Yes. Luxury Lifestyle Agency proposes SSL secure payments and information is protected by encryption through two payment providers. In specific situations, members with previous history of purchase are also invited to address us an email with other payment preferences. Implementation of crypopayment is considered.
  • Impossible to upload a document in my member area
    In this situation,please address an email with your document(s) attached and mention the reserved services reference as well.
  • Available positions and recruitment?
    We appreciate discretion and confidentiality and invites interested and interesting candidates to address any spontaneous application through this page. Position advertised or published on internet mentioning a luxury lifestyle agency might be related to a different company.
  • Digital publications property rights?
    We own rights on regularly published visual supports representing our services on social media for promotional purposes and do not use image banks to propose an artificial environment. We do not publish photographies of individuals (team, members, founders...) mostly for privacy, copy and image rights and do not specifically encourage or restreint photographies or selfies publications about us on social networks.
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