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Philanthropists Purposes

As forecasted in a blog publication from previous year, the French authorities have not emitted export certificates for a €24 Millions painting sold at auction lately, classifying the artwork as a national treasure. A treasure the country could not retain after placing a €15 millions unsuccessful bid against an American institution and a spokesperson allegedly representing an impressive oldmasters collection. French officials have more than two years now to collect additional funds from international philanthropists donations (tax-deductibly-rumored at 90%) and settle an agreement with heirs.


Finally, this artwork included in the latest art selection from Luxury Lifestyle Agency has definitely not even realize a medium "splash" lately at auctions. The painting, acquired at GBP 2,920,000 in a 2006 auction session, sold on hammer at GBP 1,000,000 over its lower estimate (GBP20,000,000) without unleashing some recently recorded passions for the artist artworks in recent auctions. Congratulation to the new owner!



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